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We are a volunteer organization committed to raising awareness of homelessness and how simple acts of kindness can make tremendous impacts.


To someone who has nothing to call their own, a warm blanket handed to them personally from someone who made it with their own two hands can truly warm the soul as well as the body of the recipient. We strive to make as many of these connections as possible.


We began by making and distributing our quilts exclusively for the homeless in New York City. We have since expanded to Paterson, NJ, and hurricane ravaged areas in Texas, and beyond. Please contact us if you know of a family need or an area in general that could benefit from having a piece of "home" to hold onto.


"A wonderful community of people, who through donation of supplies and time, provide lovingly handmade gifts of a quilts to the homeless. Of course the warmth the quilts provide is a blessing for the homeless, but I also believe the recipients receive love and peace as well with each quilt." - Barbara Dolan Duerr via Facebook

Our Group's History

My name is Rosemary Phalon and I started this group after my mother-in-law passed away and left me her fabric stash. It was more fabric than I could use for myself, so I started to make quilts for the homeless in NYC. My husband has worked in New York for 30 years and he mentioned that he was seeing more homeless people on the streets that he had before. So as I completed a quilt, he took it to work with him on the train and gave it to someone on the street. In January 2017 I invited my sister in law and my neice to come down from upstate NY to sew with me along with a few friends. I posted it on Facebook and other people contacted me and said they wanted to help. We moved to the Senior House in Pompton Plains so we could have a larger group. I asked for donations of fabric, thread and quilt batting on Facebook, I named our group and started our own page.

Our Quilts

Our quilts are made from cotton fabric and cotton batting. We use cotton or cotton/polyester thread. Our patterns are based on the size of fabric pieces that we receive. Sometimes we use decorator fabrics and back them with fleece, they are heavier quilts. The quilts are machine quilted on domestic machines or a long arm quilting machine.

Where We Donate

In addition to my husband taking the quilts with him to work and giving them directly to people he sees on the streets of New York City, we also now donate directly to the following organizations:

Our quilts have also made it into the arms of victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Florida and the victims of the 2018 volcano eruptions in Hawaii. Foster care organizations have also received our quilts as well as homeless in areas as far and wide as Philadelphia, Indiana, California, Kentucky, Puerto Rico, Canada, Haiti and Guatemala.

Total Number of Quilts Donated in 2018: 1007

Total Number of Quilts Donated in 2017: 703


Thanks to all of our supporters and volunteers our organization was recently recognized by News12 here in New Jersey. They visited one of our quilting days at the Pequannock "Senior House" and spent some time learning exactly what it is that we do and how we help those in need.

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